Trekking and experience tour in Pantelleria

We are a young company with a special wish: to show everyone the beauty and richness of Pantelleria from completely new perspectives and points of view.

To discover the island of Pantelleria, we create spectacular guided tours.

You will find all our scheduled departures and the availability of each tour in the calendar section.

If you are passionate about TREKKING, you are in the right place, this island will be your next destination. Here you will find a section completely dedicated to treks, with all the details of the daily routes, the places you will visit and the guide who will accompany you.

If, however, trekking isn’t your thing, don’t be discouraged, we have created a NOT ONLY TREKKING section where you can enjoy thematic and generalist tours that will let you discover the island from all aspects and perspectives.

We have created unique itineraries and special adventures to give you unforgettable moments and experiences to create your own unique Pantelleria adventure.


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Pantelleria Trek was born with the intention of guiding everyone, from the real locals to those who just want to spend a holiday in Pantelleria, to discover this part of the island that deserves to be explored. To do this, we have identified 21 itineraries that, like pulsating veins, cross the entire territory of Pantelleria, allowing you to combine healthy trekking with the discovery of real treasures.
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Enjoy the natural and archaeological wonders of the island with our self-guided tours. Discover the secrets of the island independently, comfortably and economically with your own vehicle or with the help of our bicycles, but always accompanied by the narration of one of our local guides.

If you want to go without your own group

Organising excursions with friends or relatives is often difficult because it’s not always possible to take everyone’s availability into account. That’s why, for your holidays in Pantelleria, we propose group excursions between people who don’t know each other, giving you the chance to trek and explore the island’s paths whenever you want. Discover the next departures!


Your Group Trip

Are you part of a group of at least ten people who are ready to go? Then all you have to do is contact us: we will help you choose the right dates for your tour, along with the itineraries and routes you prefer. We will take care of every detail of your holiday in Pantelleria to make it an unforgettable experience. Contact us to organise your trip!

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