Today’s excursion will touch two of the most evocative places on the island, we will start from Sibà (1) to visit the Benikulà cave (2), where a fumarole inside a cave creates a natural sauna. We will continue in the direction of Kuddia di Mida and then reach Tikirriki (3), one of the best preserved views of the Pantelleria Rural Landscape. From here, after going around the Gelfiser (4), we will arrive at Kannaki, a valley
residue of the ancient caldera plain, and then head to Bagno dell’Acqua (Lago Specchio di Venere) (5) where the excursion will end.

Lunch on site with bag lunch.

Excursion duration 6:00
Difficulty E
Difference in height m. 379
Length 9 km