This first ride will allow us to discover the island in its entirety, following the perimeter road and visiting the various points of interest along the coast.
We leave from the centre of Pantelleria (1) to reach Punta Spadillo (2), with its lighthouse and volcanological museum. Continuing the tour, we pass by Cala Cinque Denti (3) and reach Gadir Marina (4). This is a thermal resort par excellence, thanks to its thermal pools carved into the rock. We will continue this relaxing morning. In this small harbour you will have the opportunity to approach not only the warm waters but also the sea of Pantelleria for the first time.
We continue to the Arco dell’Elefante (5), a classic postcard image that cannot be missed, and it is in this picturesque spot that we stop for a snack.
After the break, a climb up the steep cliffs overlooking the sea awaits us in Dietro Isola (6), where we can admire the Balata dei Turchi and the Salto della Vecchia, a drop of almost 300 metres into the sea. The next stops are at Rekale (7) and Scauri (8), two very characteristic rural areas. Finally, we will stop at La Vela (9) to catch our breath and perhaps take a dip in the sea.
We will then return to the hotel for dinner and an overnight stay.

Duration: Full day; Distance: 48 km; Altitude: 1100m