After the day’s break dedicated to the sea, everyone is ready for the next ride.
We will then move on to Piana Ghirlanda (1) with the guide, who will explain the techniques of pruning and cultivating vines using the alberello method, so that we can understand the reasons why this practice has become a UNESCO intangible heritage site.
We will continue the tour to Cappereto Bonomo (2), one of the most important examples of heroic cultivation on the island. The cappereto is owned by the Bonomo Emanuela company of the same name, where we will stop for lunch/tasting of the products of Pantesca agriculture, including wines and passiti.
From here we will set off on a tour towards Piana del Monastero, cycling through the vineyards to reach the natural sauna “Grotta di Benikulà” (3) at the foot of Montagna Grande. A place of rare beauty and originality that can be reached by a short walk along an ancient mule track. It is in fact a Turkish bath inside a natural cave that exploits the water vapour that escapes from a fissure in the rock inside the cave itself. All framed by the picturesque landscape of the Monastero plain (4), a valley dedicated to agriculture, with the Mediterranean Sea in the background.
From here we finally depart for the return to the facility, dinner and overnight stay.
Duration of excursion: 5 hours; length km 40; difference in altitude approx. m 800