The morning remains free for a swim in the nearby coves or for a visit to the center of Pantelleria with free lunch.
In the early afternoon we will leave with our mini buses for a visit to Cappereto Bonomo (1), one of the most important examples of heroic cultivation on the island. The caper grove owned by the company of the same name Bonomo Emanuela is one of the most representative examples of heroic cultivation on the island of Pantelleria. From here, following an ancient mule track, we will arrive at the Favare valley (2), an ancestral place where it will be possible to feel the breath of the island. These are secondary volcanism phenomena which see the escape of water vapor from cracks between the rocks of the valley. This magical place will offer us the opportunity to stop for a relaxing break and a picnic. We will then continue from here towards the natural sauna inside the “Benikulà Cave” (3). It is in fact a Turkish bath in a cave that uses the water vapor that escapes from a crack in the rock inside the cave itself. All framed by the evocative landscape of the Monastero plain, a valley dedicated to agriculture, with the Mediterranean Sea in the background.
Return around 4.00pm; free afternoon, dinner and overnight stay.