Everyone is ready for the first day of discovering the island. After breakfast we will immediately head, with our mini-buses, to two of the must-visits of Pantelleria: Lake Venus (1) and the Gadir Baths. It is in these places that you will understand the meaning of the phrase “Pantelleria an open-air spa”.
First stop at the Lake of Venus, the legendary place where the Goddess Venus came to see herself in the mirror every morning. It is a volcanic crater that has created a basin with an ecosystem unique in the world. You can relax by immersing yourself in the small basins with warm water or sprinkling your body with natural mud considered an excellent treatment for the well-being of the skin.
After this relaxing stop, we will continue the tour passing through Cala Cinque Denti (2) and then reaching the tourist port of Gadir (3). Thermal resort par excellence thanks to its pools rich in thermal waters carved into the rock. We will continue this morning in the name of relaxation, right in this small port you will have the opportunity to approach for the first time not only the warm waters but also the sea of ​​Pantelleria.
After moments of relaxation we will have lunch at a local restaurant tasting exclusively typical recipes.
Upon returning to the facility, a stop at the archaeological site of San Marco and Santa Teresa (4). Here you will admire the astonishing Roman acropolis and discover the splendor of ancient Cossyra during the Punic-Roman era when the island was one of the most sought-after destinations in the central Mediterranean due to its strategic position between Africa and Sicily. It is precisely in this place that in 2003, the so-called imperial portraits dating back to the 1st century AD were found. and it is here that the history of Pantelleria viticulture was born. You will come into contact with the history of the people who first imported the Alexandrian vine to the island until the Roman conquest of Cossyra with its period of maximum splendor.
Return to the facility, dinner and overnight stay.

The image you will take with you when you return home:
Over time, the small port of Gadir was the only example of a seaside village on the island, where sailors from Pantelleria sold their freshly caught fish. The vitality of Cala Gadir is high and here you can meet elderly fishermen as they weave their pots with reed threads or as they prepare their nets for fishing.