The entire island is the emerged part of a single volcanic edifice that is still active. Today’s excursion will start from the Benimingallo locality (1) in the direction of Favara Grande, a phenomenon of secondary volcanism, and then continue towards Gibele (2), the most impressive volcanic cone on the island. Once we reach its top we will be able to observe the edges of two calderas, remains of a turbulent past, and then go down to closely observe one of the plains formed inside them, that of Barone (3). From here we will continue towards Kuddia Attalora (4), on whose slopes we will observe the soki-soki, a particularly porous tuff, the secret of the island’s agriculture. The excursion will end in Rekhale (5).

Lunch on site with bag lunch.

Excursion duration 7:00
Difficulty E
Difference in height m. 596
Length 11 km