In today’s excursion we will retrace the stages of man’s relationship with the island territory. We will leave on foot from the structure heading towards the first human settlement in Mursia (1). From here we will continue towards the complex of Sesi funeral structures, and crossing one of the lava flows of Gelkhamar we will find ourselves in Farchikalà (2), the district of buildings, where we will be able to observe the peculiar agricultural techniques of the island. Here we will be in sight of the Punic-Roman acropolis of Santa Teresa (3), our next stop, from which we will head towards the town of Pantelleria center (4) to visit the Castle and some sporadic alleys surviving from the pre-war center .

Lunch on site with bag lunch.

Excursion duration 6:00
Difficulty E
Difference in height m. 225
Length 8 km