Breakfast and departure for the tour dedicated to the hinterland and UNESCO heritage sites.
We will then move towards Piana Ghirlanda (1) with the guide who will explain the techniques of pruning and growing the sapling vine, so as to be able to understand the reasons why this practice has become a UNESCO intangible heritage site. You will discover the architecture of the place composed of the dammuso and other rural architectural elements (‘Jardino’, ‘Macaseno’, ‘Stinniture’), thus acquiring a vision of the history of Pantelleria agriculture.
At this point we will move towards the Bukkuram district where we will meet Fabrizio Basile, owner of the winery of the same name.
During the visit, thanks to Fabrizio’s experience, we will delve into the pruning techniques of the sapling vine and the Passito winemaking techniques by visiting an ancient grape drying rack. Depending on the period of the visit, you can also improvise in some pruning/harvesting or participate in the drying of the grapes and their vinification. At the end of the morning you will be rewarded with a lunch and tasting in the cellar. A real culinary experience through the flavors of the garden that reign in Pantelleria cuisine.
Return in the afternoon, dinner and overnight stay.

The image you will take with you when you return home:
The Basile Winery (2) despite being a relatively young reality, has been able to direct its activity towards tradition. In fact, its wines and dessert wines best express the island of Pantelleria. You will remember the eccentric owner, his love for the land, his faithful helper, a mare with whom he still plows part of his terraces, and the curious encounter with an example of the typical Pantelleria donkey.