Today’s excursion will take us to visit the marine ecosystem and the shoreline, we will start from Bugeber (1) and, after crossing Kafaro and the lava flow generated by Kuddia Randazzo, we will head towards Cala Cottone (2), where we will be able to observe a “buvira”, a well that gives access to the thin layer of fresh water. From here we will continue towards Punta Spadillo (3), home to the most important lighthouse on the island, and then make a stop at the Laghetto delle Ondine, a layer of fresh water.
We will then go in the direction of Cala Cinque Denti and then get as close as possible to the shoreline, following it until we reach the slipway for the small boats of the Kattibuale fishermen (4).

Lunch on site with bag lunch.

Excursion duration 6:00
Difficulty E
Difference in height m. 247
Length 8 km