Trekking in Pantelleria

In the last ten years, Pantelleria has become one of the most popular trekking destinations for those who want to discover new places and be charmed by their beauty.

There are few trekking destinations that can boast itineraries inside a National Park (the only one in Sicily), where you can enjoy natural saunas (Benikulà cave), thermal waters (Gadir – Lake of Venus), secondary volcanic phenomena (Favare), archaeological sites (Mursia village, Sesi, Acropolis of San Marco) and touch two Unesco World Heritage sites (Alberello vine and dry-stone walls). All this while crossing terraces planted with zibibbo grapes or the splendid cappereti (Bonomo’s cappereto), walking in a variety of environments, from the Montagna Grande with its pine forest to the Mediterranean scrub that surrounds the island’s coastline, and ending the day with a cellar tasting of a good passito accompanied by the island’s many agricultural products (capers, dried tomatoes, pâté of many varieties), perhaps while watching an African sunset.

The programme below will allow you to experience all this in a week’s holiday and is the result of the many experiences we have had over the years with various groups, such as those of the National CAI.

Trekking in Pantelleria

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